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 First International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET” was held in International Exhibition Centre on November 22-24, 2016. 

Forum became a unique event in terms of provided opportunities, where inventors, creators of innovative technologies, authors of Startup projects have met their customers — management of companies requiring technological renewal of manufacturing processes, accelerators of investment projects as well as with representatives of key Ministries, investment structures of Ukraine and Poland, leading experts in different science, economy and business fields. 52 research institutes, 23 higher educational institutions, 30 start-ups and commercial organisations presented over 500 modern developments and projects in a variety of different fields of application during Forum. Reports of over 100 prestigious scientists — experts in key fields of economy and society development — were heard and discussed.

Exhibition show rooms and events of Forum attracted over 1000 visitors.

For the first time in Ukraine, during Forum, physical crowdfunding took place — raising funds for promotion and development of the best startup projects. The prize fund was formed of receipts from entrance tickets and in just two days reached 51,250 UAH. Visitors independently selected winners among the participants of the startup lane, having voted for the project they liked with a special coin.

Forum parts: exhibition, conference, Startup lane.
Exhibition, unlike traditional specialised events, was not dedicated to a particular industry or industry sector. Main criterion of expositions is the novelty of developments, their readiness for implementation which may be of interest to qualified investor. Therefore variety of directions prevailed among all expositions: from medical developments, in particular, robotic exoskeleton for handicapped person by inventor from Kiev Anton Holovachenko, improved neck braces by Kharkov Polytechnic Institute or unique hydrogel dressings with cooling effect by National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, production of which is already started by request The State Emergency Service of Ukraine to special automated industrial safety means, in particular, system of geophysical monitoring for control of large industrial objects state, e.g. dams of hydropower plants (“Lviv Polytechnic”) or optical and aviation developments by National Aviation University of wide range of applications including in very important today for Ukraine military sphere.

Conference, thanks to the efforts of the organisers and enthusiasm of the participants, has become one of the most resonant events of the Forum. Intension of speeches and discussions was provided by joint participation in work of the Conference of the leading Ukrainian scientists, heads of central authorities and national institutions and well-known foreign experts, representatives of international credible organisations, particularly UN, as well as a large group of Polish experts, politicians and statesmen leaders who were directly involved in the reform of the Polish economy and society and their adaptation to EU norms, invited to work on Forum with the assistance of the Committee Polska 3.0 (Poland).

Only the list of topics of plenary and breakout (on underlined – to make links to the relevant sections of the program) sessions and speakers is able to amaze by problematics relevance, as well as star, in the full sense of the word, list of the speakers.

Although it is extremely difficult to single out certain topics, it should not go unnoticed that some speeches containing, in addition to a thorough analysis of information, specific recommendations for government and business. This in particular “Financing tools of innovation projects”: «ME Instrument and InnovFin» (V.Stavnyuk, Chairman of the Executive Board of the State finance institution for innovation (SFII), “EU markets entry through Polish jurisdiction” (Ya.Romanchuk, President of Association of Ukrainian business in Poland), “Demography and social policy of Ukraine” (E.Libanova, academician, head of Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies) and “Ukrainian women in international business society” (U.Choleshinska, UN program ambassador “Business women” in Poland), “About practice of commercialization of high-tech projects. Innovations management” (O.Krupskaya, president of Fund of “National development and innovations”, “Attracting grant funds to innovative development of Ukraine (Horizont 2020)” (S.Shukayev, professor of Chair of machine dynamics and strength of materials MMI, NTUU “KPI”), “Innovative technologies in agricultural industry” (S.Ponomarenko, academician, doctor of biological sciences, head of Institute UkrAgroBiotech), “Long-term strategic planning of mutual innovation-financial flows” Israel Ukraine” (Ye.Shulgin, founder of international organisation London Issuing (Israel).

In more details:

Topics and speakers of reports and panel discussions of plenary hall


Startup lane highly organised special platform for presenti the best domestic innovation projects. Organisers managed to attract 25 leading developers, among them ABC, Talk with me Blocks, Hideez, Zattoch, Luciding, Braille device, Compressi, ConnectHome, Wow Ads, Force Emotion, IntRobots, Cup Navigator, Hushme, IZO LAB / FabLab Ukraine, SolarGaps, TOP Banks, Hi, Kitty, Cardiomo, Feel VR, Fractal Tools, BIOsens, Fabricator / FabLab, BrainZa,  DKM “TUR” and other.

By results of visitors votes three winners were selected and prize fund, gathered during crowdfunding, was divided among them:

1 place ABC, Talk with me Blocks startup, combining digital technologies, augmented reality and common for kids toys. The goal is to teach children to enjoy learning and also to help children with autism in developing their communication skills. Getting new knowledge is performed through a game which promotes better learning. For example, by means of new application it is possible by directing tablet or phone on cube with a letter to turn it into picture with animation as well as to pronounce compound word. 50% of prize fund 25,625 UAH.

2 place Fractal Tools visual designer of IoT-solutions that allows users without programming knowledge to create clever things, integrate them into networks, connect to clouds, AI- and BI- elements and create their own mobile and web applications and connect to their smart devices.30% of prize fund 15,375 UAH.

3 place BrainZa artificial intelligence to solve problems with analytics. System processes text, generates answers to questions, recognises and organises language. 20% of prize fund 10,250 UAH.

We express gratitude to all participants, visitors, developers, scientists and co-organizers of International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET”.

Taking into account relevance and state importance of problematics, covered in all segments of events, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued an Order about Forum holding on constant basis.

See you next time during ІІ International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET”!